Thursday, 3 February 2011

Shop Windows!

There are loads of shops that use paper sculpture at the moment, two of these being Monsoon and Anthropologie. I had a look at what images I could find on various Flickr accounts and websites, and here's what I found:

Monsoon Christmas display: shapes slotted together with cut out decoration

Accessorize display, 3D lettering and cut out basic shapes


Monsoon Children's display: layered shapes in various sizes for movement.

Anthropologie window display: Classic paper chain structure, repeated in various sizes and lengths to create huge impact and height.

Anthropologie window display: Honeycomb repeated pattern (very useful for this brief!) with changes in scale and colour for depth.

Anthropologie window display: Paper birds hung at graduated lengths for a sweeping effect, giving lots of movement.

These examples have given me inspiration, especially the Anthropologie displays, which show use of repeated shapes and forms, fitting with my brief perfectly. I will use some of these influences in my own designs.

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