Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Poster Photography

After looking at various layouts and image possibilities in my sketchbook, and taking into account what I have learned through the workshops and artist research, I have settled on a photograph to make my poster with.

I decided to use a simple paper structure, but create lots of shadow and depth, leaving plenty of negative space.

These are the best of the photos that I took:

First of all, I used natural light to take my first set of photos, to see which composition looked the best.

Whilst I like the above composition, and It could be used as a part of a final poster, as a background image I feel it doesn't have enough negative space like the work from Stefano Pessina.
Once I found which composition looked the best, I used artificial light, blocking out the natural light to achieve shadowing and a more atmospheric colour.
^This is the image that I have chosen for my final poster design.^

I feel it has just the right amount of negative space and shadowing, and it has a strong grid structure within it. I will now look at how I can use this and its grid structure to produce a successful poster for GF Smith Paper.

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