Monday, 11 April 2011


I was thinking about words which I could associate with the piece of music and instead of words I kept seeing images, which I guess isn't a bad thing so here they are:

The cogs correspond with the continuous motion theme that I drew from the music, and would make an interesting subject for an animation if combined with some other mechanical imagery. Miffy is a character that I remember from my childhood, and have fond memories of! After looking at using a rabbit character I see Miffy as a great inspiration, as it is such a simple character design, but is instantly recogniseable.

Again, looking at the motion theme, I thought of slinky toys, which are a great symbol of momentum. I thought of the kangaroo sign because not only does the music remind me of bouncing, the beat and feel of the track reminds me of the light hearted lifestyle of Australia, which I experienced last year.

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