Sunday, 17 April 2011

Background Possibilities - Photographs

For my animation I need a background image which involves sky and grass, on which I can place the trampoline and jumping rabbit. I have taken a couple of photos that could be used in this instance.

Above are two photos I took of landscape which could work as backgrounds for my animation.
I have decided to edit these to see what other effects I could produce.

Here I have brightened the images to make the colours more vivid, but I feel that the clouds have been whited out too much, so it makes the photos look bleached and artificial.

Here I have used a few filters on the first image, pixelize, brushstroke, and collage. I really like the effect the collage has produced and I think I would like to use different patterns and colours to hand make my own background. I like the depth of texture and tone that you get from this technique.

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