Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hot Air Balloon

I have made my hot air balloon in collage but then I transferred the design into Illustrator to see how it would look if this scene was done in cel.

I really like the idea of using cel for part of my animation, but I also love the effect of the collage on the balloon, and the card characters. I think I will add an extra scene to my animation, both to elongate the time and to allow for some more techniques to be used.


  • Floating hot air balloon into distance and turning into silhouette
  • Views of different places around the world, with balloon floating above
  • Watching rabbit looking bemused and chasing after the balloon
  • Floating rabbit climbing into balloon basket
Out of all these ideas I think the most fruitful ones would be the second or third option. I like the idea of using different places or landmarks in the world, as it would give me more of a chance to experiment with backgrounds.

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