Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Collage Background

After seeing the effect of a collage filter on the landscape photo, I decided to make my own collage background with different colours and textures of paper found in various places.

First I went about making the simple sky background, which could also be used later on in the animation when the rabbit flies away.

By using angular cut out shapes in small sizes I have been able to create more texture, emulating the result I got from the filter. I have been able to incorporate more pattern and tone by using fabrics and gradients.

Here I have overlaid a strip of collage using green and brown tones to make the grass and earth. I found a great piece of paper in a magazine with moss and flowers which I have used for the upper layer.

Here are some close ups of the background, showing the various colours and patterns.

I will definitely use this in my final animation, I love the handmade style of it and I think it will add much more dimension to my final piece.

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