Monday, 11 April 2011

Story Ideas

I have a few ideas for a story, which are based around a particular section of the mp3 (not the video), starting at 2mins 2secs and ending at 2mins 32secs (obviously amounting to 30secs, which is pretty on the money.) I have based my story ideas around the music rather than choosing a section of music after deciding on a story.

The possibilities are as follows:

A kangaroo sign in Australia that comes alive and starts to hop around.

A rabbit bouncing on a trampoline which gets higher and higher until it disappears.

A set of cogs/machinery producing a toy.

I have made a simple storyboard for each of the above possibilities to see how I could transfer them into an animation format:

The above idea may be too simple for a 30sec animation.

I like the idea of using a trampoline because it ties in with the repetitive nature of the music and the beat.

This idea works well wit the notion of continuous movement, and has a more clear order to it.

Out of all the ideas I prefer the trampoline one, but it needs to be developed into something more complex, maybe with an event added to the end.

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